Seira Wilson
Seira Wilson
Seira can’t remember a time when she wasn’t infatuated with reading--19 years in the book industry later, her house is brimming with shelves upon shelves of memoirs, cookbooks, coffee table books, all manner of fiction, and an insane number of children's books and YA novels. Don’t judge, just borrow a book.

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Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em: 4th of July Barbecuing

Ten titles to make you the star of this year's Independence Day barbecue...

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Best Children's Books of 2016 So Far

What new and wonderful children's books have you discovered this year? We looked back at our favorites and chose the ones we think are 2016's best (so far):

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Nerdy Nummies: Apple Pi Pie

Science + nerd culture + baking = deliciously different results. Check out Rosana Pansino's Apple Pi pie:

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Big Love: Esther the Wonder Pig

If you've never seen Esther the Wonder Pig, prepare to fall in love. She's a Facebook phenom, and now the subject of a best-selling book. Here are a handful of photos showing Esther in all her porcine glory.

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Books for Baby

Is there a baby shower coming up on your calendar and you have no idea what to get? Here are some of my favorite books to start a little one's library.

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Recipe Road Test: Watermelon Avocado Salad from "Raw.Vegan.Not Gross."

Looking for the perfect summer salad? Laura Miller's got it covered in her first cookbook that's fast becoming one of our favorites.

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A Taste of "Food and the City"

What's it like to work in a professional New York City kitchen? Author Ina Yalof talked to the people behind the meals and menus in essays like the one you'll find in this exclusive excerpt:

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Putting "The Joy of Less" Into Action

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you had someone who writes about organization help you out? We asked Francine Jay, the author of "The Joy of Less" to come to our office...

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YA Wednesday: Tips from a Star-Touched Queen

From the author of one of our recent Best YA Books of the Month picks--The Star-Touched Queen--an otherworldly list of life hacks...

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Kate DiCamillo's Summer Reading List

Suddenly school is almost out and it's time to load the kids up with books for summer vacation--but what? Multiple-award winning author Kate DiCamillo has a few ideas...

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Something to Crow About

Elizabeth Church's novel delves into many things including love, sacrifice, ambition, and...crows. In this exclusive piece, we learn five ways the crows mirror human behavior. I know I'll never look at them the same way again...

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